Rivers and watersheds

  • There are more than 8,500 named rivers in Canada1

  • All rivers are part of a watershed, an area of land that collects rain and snow that drains through streams and rivers into a common body of water

  • Rivers provide us with food, energy, recreation, transportation routes, and water for irrigation and for drinking

  • In Canada, we have 25 major watersheds across the country

  • Many of our watersheds are threatened by climate change, pollution and habitat fragmentation

Canada has 25 major watersheds, each with its own set of characteristics, issues and threats. The country’s river systems are critical in terms of history, culture, ecology and economy and yet, we lack a comprehensive understanding of how healthy our rivers and watersheds are and how changes on the landscape and in the environment cumulatively affect the health of the systems. Decision makers not only need more information but also require tools that can consolidate all of what is known to adequately addressing existing and emerging threats to water supplies and quality. 

Linking Stream Network Process Models to Robust Data Management Systems for the Purpose of Land-Use Decision Support

Linking Multiple Stressors to Adverse Ecological Responses Across Watersheds