Agriculture and soils

  • The agricultural sector is the biggest user of freshwater1

  • According to estimates for the year 2000, agriculture accounted for 67% of the world's total freshwater withdrawal, and 86% of its consumption 1

  • One of every eight Canadian jobs is related to agriculture

High rates of population growth coupled with the impacts of climate change are straining water quality and availability. This has significant implications for agriculture and food systems globally and in Canada. Agricultural practices, in turn, are impacting water resources such as through increased sedimentation and eutrophication (increasing levels of nutrients). Additionally, land use and management decisions can result in declining soil health, the foundation of agriculture. There is a need for more research to enhance our capacity to inform farmers, governments and consumers of what is required to ensure secure water supplies, healthy soils and food security.

Agricultural Water Futures in Canada – Stressors and Solutions

Winter Soil Processes in Transition

1. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada