• Groundwater is a significant water supply source — the amount of groundwater storage dwarfs our present surface water supply

  • Groundwater is found in soils and sands able to retain the water — much like a sponge holds water

  • Groundwater is a renewable resource, however adequate time is needed to allow replenishment of underlying groundwater reservoirs (aquifers)

Groundwater plays a vital role in the hydrologic cycle as it makes up the largest percentage of available freshwater. The relationship between groundwater and watershed hydrology is not very clear but a better understanding could lead to more accurate assessments of flooding, nutrient/contaminant transport, and groundwater withdrawal impacts on surface water flow. In light of this, there is a critical need to quantitatively assess the importance of shallow and deep groundwater in modeling surface water flow.

Significance of Groundwater Dynamics Within Hydrologic Models