Enabling adaptation in Canada’s agricultural sector – research progress

Monday, November 1, 2021
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Agricultural Water Futures has just released a new public-friendly report that provides a glimpse into the progress the project has made during the first phase of study (2017-2020).

Agricultural Water Futures is a 7-year project that aims to deliver the tools and solutions needed for adapting Canadian agricultural systems, policies and practices to a changing climate. It is a pan-Canadian project emphasizing collaborative relationships between agriculture and food producers, industry, governments, and university researchers.

The report uses an innovative digital format that lets readers easily skim sections and find the content they are most interested in. It’s visual and interactive.

Readers will learn about the progress made so far and get a sneak preview of future research directions. This information is organized by three major themes to help readers find the content most relevant to them:

  1. Water availability and use for crops
  2. Water quality and management practices
  3. Behavior change and economics.

The tool also introduces readers to the large, interdisciplinary team of researchers and young professionals involved in the project. For those who are interested in learning more about the in-depth science behind the project, there is also a section that lists the project’s key publications.

Read the report here

This research was supported by Global Water Futures.