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Associate Deans/Faculty Administrative Assistants, Graduate Studies

  • For a list of building abbreviations, refer to the campus map.
  • To reach the University of Waterloo mainline call 519-888-4567 followed by any of the extensions listed below.
  • If you are a faculty or staff member who requires a copy of this list in excel format for communication purposes, please use the Request for graduate studies department/program contacts list. (Please do not use this form if you are a prospective student. You can reach the Associate Dean/Faculty Administrative Assistants by selecting the department/program of your choice below and clicking on their name to access their email address).
List of Associate Deans/Faculty Administrative Assistants, Graduate Studies
  Title Contact name and email Extension Location
  Associate Dean, Health  Phil Bigelow 48491 BMH 3117
  Administrator, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Health  Ryan McGuiness 41068 BMH 3113
  Faculty Administrative Co-ordinator and Assistant to the Dean, Faculty of Health Ryan McGuiness 38300 BMH 3113
  Associate Dean, Arts Anna Esselment 42190 PAS 2433
  Graduate Studies and Research Officer, Faculty of Arts Maha Eid 42415 PAS 2428
  Associate Dean, Engineering Siva Sivoththaman 43376 E7 7416
  Manager, Engineering Graduate Studies Office Rita Cherkewski 49113 E7 7412
  Assistant to the Associate Dean, Engineering Graduate Studies Office Annette Dietrich 41896 E7 7432
  Co-ordinator - Master's, Engineering Graduate Studies Office Tracy Solomon 40294 E7 7404
  Co-ordinator - PhD, Engineering Graduate Studies Office

Devin Herman

n/a E7 7402
  Associate Dean, Environment Peter Deadman 43404 EV1 323
  Faculty Administrative Co-ordinator, Environment Cynthiya Subramaniam 42784 EV1 335
  Associate Dean, Mathematics Brian Ingalls 00000 MC 5251

Manager, Graduate and Post-Doctoral Affairs, Faculty of Mathematics

Kim Tremblay N/A MC 5257
  Faculty Administrative Co-ordinator, Mathematics Yasmina Elzagheid N/A MC 5256
  Associate Dean, Science Martin Ross


EIT 2045
  Graduate Studies & Research Co-ordinator, Science Krista Parsons 39106 STC 2066
  Administrative Assistant, Graduate & Research, Faculty of Science Agnes Kolic 33525 PHY 2011