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  • To reach the University of Waterloo mainline call 519-888-4567 followed by any of the extensions listed below.
  • If you are a faculty or staff member who requires a copy of this list in excel format for communication purposes, please use the Request for graduate studies department/program contacts list. (Please do not use this form if you are a prospective student. You can reach the Department/program Graduate Officers/Associate Chairs by selecting the department/program of your choice below and clicking on their name to access their email address).
List of department/program Graduate Officers/Associate Chairs
  Department Contact name and email Extension Location 
  Accounting MAcc (Co-Director)  Dan Rogozynski 37119 HH 290D
  Accounting MAcc (Co-Director)

David Ha


HH 3163

  Accounting/Finance  Bradley Pomeroy 48175 HH
  Anthropology (Public Issues)  Secil Dagtas 42991 PAS
  Applied Mathematics  Kevin Lamb 46246 MC 6328
  Architecture   Lola Sheppard N/A School of Architecture, Cambridge
  Biology  D. Moira Glerum 31352 QNC 3623

Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business

- MBET program only 

Chris Holt 

40267 E7

Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business

- GDip program

Marc Hurwitz 41946 E7 2316
  Chemical Engineering  Jeff Gostick 38949 E6 5010
  Chemistry Thorsten Dieckmann 35036 ESC 227

Chemistry - (GWC)2

Guelph-Waterloo Centre for Graduate Work in Chemistry and Biochemistry (GWC)2

Richard Manderville 519-824-4120 ext. 53963/52252 University of Guelph
  Civil and Environmental Engineering  Adil Al-Mayah 31566 E2 2311
  Classical Studies  Altay Coskun 48903 ML 228
  Combinatorics & Optimization Douglas Stebila 47211 MC 5132
  Computational Mathematics  David Del Rey Fernández 40719 M3 6318
  Computer Science (Admissions)  Shane McIntosh   DC 3510
  Computer Science (Graduate Director) Khuzaima Daudjee 38375 DC 2637
  Conrad Grebel - Theological Studies Carol Penner 519-885-0220, ext. 24241 CGR 2112
  Data Science (Graduate Director) Mu Zhu 36987 M3 4007
  Data Science Yuying Li 37825 DC 3623
  Digital Innovation (Stratford)  Lennart Nacke 37822  
  Earth and Environmental Sciences  Shoufa Lin 36557 ESC 205
  ECE Christopher Nielsen 32241 EIT 4106
  ECE Graduate Officer (Research Programs) Christopher Nielsen 32241 EIT 4106
  ECE Electric Power  Ramadan El-Shatshat 37063 EIT 4021
  ECE MEng Co-ordinator Andrew Heunis 32083 EIT 3115
  Economics Phil Curry 32644 HH 126
  English Jen Clary-Lemon 43594 HH 368
  Environment & Business  Steven Young  38419 EV3 4243
  Environment, Resources and Sustainability Andrea Collins 48317 EV2 2007
  Fine Arts  Lois Andison 42627 ECH 1203
  French Studies  Nicolas Gauthier 42773 ML 342
  Geography & Environmental Management  Maria Strack 40580 EV1 320
  Geography & Environmental Management  Daniel Scott 45497

EV1 113

  German and Slavic Studies Paul Malone 33202 ML 213
  Global Governance (MA) David Welch 226-772-3077 BSIA 301
  Global Governance (PhD) David Welch 226-772-3077 BSIA 301
  History  Susan Roy 42765  HH 133
  Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) Jonathan Baugh 37491 RAC 2112
  Kinesiology and Health Sciences (KHS) Michael Barnett-Cowan 39177 BMH 3033
  Management Science and Engineering Sibel Alumur Alev 33365 CPH 4321
  Management Science and Engineering Online Brian Cozzarin N/A CPH 3634
  Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (MME)  Cecile Devaud 46094 E7 3322
  Mathematics for Teachers J.P. Pretti 36477 MC 6248 
  MME/ Nanotechnology Mustafa Yavuz  32093 E5 3011
  Peace and Conflict Studies  Nathan Funk 24295 Conrad Grebel / University of Waterloo
  Pharmacy - Associate Director Graduate Studies and Research Mike Beazely 21310 PHR 4007
  Pharmacy - Graduate Officer Colleen Maxwell 21396 PHR 4013
  Philosophy  Chris Lowry 42781 HH
  Graduate Studies in Physics, University of Waterloo, University of Guelph (Director) Jan Kycia 45177 PHY 373
  Physics and Astronomy (Grad Officer) Kostadinka Bizheva 37517 PHY 247
  Planning  Janice Barry 41547 EV3 3247
  Political Science  Emmett Macfarlane 38397 HH 308
  Psychology  Evan Risko 48135

PAS 4010

  Public Service  Daniel Henstra 46829 EC5 1003
  Pure Mathematics  Barbara Csima 37596 MC 5012
  Recreation & Leisure Studies  Bryan Grimwood 42612 BMH 2214
  Religious Studies  Jeff Wilson

5198844404 x28625

REN 113
  School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED)  Jason Thistlethwaite 49102 ENV 4267
  School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED)  Heather Hall 47819 EV3 4263

School of Public Health Sciences (SPHS)

– Graduate Research Programs (MSc & PhD)

Samantha Meyer 39187 BMH 1722

School of Public Health Sciences (SPHS)

- Professional Graduate Programs (MPH, MHE, MHI) 

Narveen Jandu 41567 LHN 3716
  School of Optometry and Vision Science Kristine Dalton 47915 OPT 327
  School of Optometry and Vision Science Paul Murphy 42020 OPT 254
  School of Social Work Trish Van Katwyk 519-884-4404 x28681 REN 1419
  Sociology & Legal Studies  Owen Gallupe 33361 PAS
  St. Jerome's University - Catholic Thought Cristina Vanin 28266 STJ 
  Statistics & Actuarial Science  Greg Rice 41541 M3 4117
  Systems Design Engineering  Nasser Lashgarian Azad 48797 E7 6424
  Taxation  Deb Kraft 416-844-9344  Toronto Office 
  Theological Studies and the Master in Peace and Conflict Studies Carol Penner 519-885-0220, ext. 24241 CGR 2112