Robin Cohen - Computer Science

Several nomination letters advised that Dr. Cohen is a very effective supervisor, with patience and knowledge, putting just the right amount of pressure on students to ensure that they do well in their programs. Dr. Cohen suggests that students talk with other professors to find out about their areas of research and also encourages her students to take courses that would further their knowledge in a particular research area. She is always available to meet with her students, takes notes at their meetings for continuity, and is always very encouraging. She makes international students feel comfortable in their new surroundings. When her students attend conferences, she organizes meetings between professors from other universities and her students.

Dr. Cohen is a very caring person who wants her students to succeed. She helps them complete scholarship applications, and organizes career meetings between her students and people at the large IT companies. A number of her students have won awards including the Alumni Gold Medal and the Governor General Gold Medal. Five of her former PhD students are either currently employed in Canadian universities including Waterloo or are leading research groups in laboratories.

“Over the years she has co-authored more than eighty journal or conference papers with her students.”

Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision winners