Study permit 

As an international student studying in Canada, you require a valid study permit when you enrol in a program of study that is greater than 6 months in duration.  It is your responsibility for ensuring that your study permit is valid throughout your graduate program.

You are required to upload a copy of your valid study permit when you first arrive on campus and when your previous study permit has expired.

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs will email you when you can upload your study permit in Quest.

To upload a copy of your study permit:

  • Scan your study permit or take a picture of it with your mobile device
  • Log in to Quest and go to Student Centre>Personal Information>Demographic Data>Citizenship/Immigration Documents
  • The maximum file size is 3500 KB and acceptable file formats are: PDF, JPG, TIF, GIF and PNG

Extend your study permit (Canada)

You are responsible for applying for renewal through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) at least 30 days before it expires, particularly, if you are planning to continue studying or are completing degree requirements past the expiry date on your study permit.  Study permits can only be renewed from within Canada.

Once you have received your renewed study permit you are required to upload a copy in Quest.

Problems? in accessing the Immigration document link in Quest - contact  

Questions? about your immigration documents, health coverage, accommodation, working in Canada and other matters - contact an Immigration Consultant in the Student Success Office.

Reporting your immigration status change

All changes to your immigration status in Canada are to be reported to GSPA.  This is important to you, as a change to your immigration status may result in a tuition fee reassessment and removal of the international differential fee. Tuition adjustments are applied to the term in which valid supporting documentation has been received in GSPA by the deadline.  Retroactive fee changes for previous terms will not be granted.

Study permit to Permanent resident

In Canada, Permanent resident status permits you to enter, live, study and work in Canada, however, you have not been deemed by IRCC as a Canadian citizen. You must have one of the following documents to claim permanent residency:

  • Record of Landing (IMM1000)
  • Permanent Resident Card (PRC)
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM5292)

Permanent resident status is attained as of the "Landed on" date indicated on the Record of Landing, not the "Date Issued."

Canadian citizenship

If you have become a Canadian citizen, provide a copy of either:

  • a certificate of Canadian Citizenship, or
  • a Canadian Citizenship card

International fee exemptions

For regulations on eligibility for international fee exemptions and if they apply to you, refer to the Fee schedule and tuition assessment information in the Graduate Student Academic Calendar. If you qualify for and claim exemption under one of the categories, you are required to present supporting documentation to substantiate the claim to GSPA.  Alternate or additional documentation to support your claim for exemption may be requested at the discretion of GSPA.