Student responsibilities, regulations and policies

Students are responsible for reviewing the general information and regulations section of the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar. The Calendar outlines Senate-approved regulations governing the graduate student experience, including admissions, enrolment and graduation policies. 

The Graduate Studies Academic Calendar is published three times per year: Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Students are normally required to follow the degree requirements for the term in which they began their program. An archive of Calendars from previous terms is also available.

In addition to the Calendar, graduate students should be aware of all Class G and Z policies found on the Secretariat website.

The Guide for Graduate Research and Supervision has been developed as a resource to define the roles/responsibilies of various stakeholders in graduate education at UWaterloo. The Taskforce on Graduate Supervision and the University of Waterloo Student Experience Review may provide additional information and refinements to this guide.  Further suggestions about the Guide are welcome; an online form has been set up to capture feedback.

Need some help navigating the policies?  The Graduate Student Association (GSA) offers a student advising service.  Contact them directly to set up an appointment.