​GRADventure is a central hub of professional development resources designed specifically for graduate students at the University of Waterloo. It is offered by the Graduate Studies Office, in collaboration with campus partners. 

No matter which career path you choose to pursue, we've got you covered.

GRADventure is a "one-stop shop," where you'll find relevant resources, special events listings, and details about upcoming workshops that were designed for you. We know that graduate students have unique needs when it comes to professional development; that's why GRADventure events and resources are open exclusively to graduate students (and sometimes postdocs).  

Explore our offerings, which are organized into three series: inquire, connect, and strategize. Or, jump right to our events, below, and join us for an event coming up soon. 

  1. Mar. 24, 2017Grad writing cafe

    Write together. Connect to our grad writing community to stay focused and motivated!

    We’ll provide free coffee, tea, and snacks. Just come and write!

    Additional information: No need to register. Bring your laptop. All grads welcome!

  2. Mar. 24, 2017Getting Published for grad students

    This workshop offers graduate students an introduction to the world of academic publishing. You will learn about the steps in the publication process, including revising course work before submitting it to journals, communicating effectively with journal editors, and handling comments from reviewers.

    Additional information: Registration required.

  3. Mar. 28, 2017Classroom delivery skills (CTE226)

    This interactive workshop will provide teaching assistants with the techniques and confidence to effectively deliver an engaging lesson in the classroom. Topics covered in this workshop include: (i) methods for structuring your delivery, (ii) developing visual aids, (ii) strategies for preparation, (iv) dealing with nerves and anxiety and (iv) tips for engaging your students throughout the lesson.

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  1. Feb. 15, 2017GRADventure Specialist Profile: Xiao-Bo LiXiao-Bo Li

    I am a PhD student in the Cheriton School of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics. My research is about the mathematical aspects of modeling protein structures. For example, one of the topics I work on is demonstrating that a variety of protein dynamics problems can be formulated as low rank positive semidefinite optimization problems.

  2. Feb. 15, 2017GRADventure Specialist Profile: Richard LiRichard Li

    I am a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Science’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. My research focuses on shale gas reservoir characterization and resource development technologies. In addition to my role as a PhD candidate, I also currently work on campus as a teaching and research assistant, training program coordinator, and GRADventure Specialist.

  3. Feb. 15, 2017GRADventure Specialist profile: Beth TimmersBeth Timmers

    I am a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Environment’s School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability. I’m part of the Faculty’s Global Food Politics Group. My doctoral research looks at Jamaica’s domestic food system as part of a larger research program on food security across seven low- and middle- income countries: the Hungry Cities Partnership.  

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