Employer information session

What’s an Employer Information Session (EIS) and who hosts them?

An EIS is an on-campus or virtual recruiting event hosted by an employer looking to hire Waterloo students directly into their organization and is hosted in partnership with Co-operative and Experiential Education (CEE) at the University of Waterloo.

Where can I find and register for Employer Information Sessions?

Check the Employer Information Sessions Calendar on WaterlooWorks frequently for the most up-to-date EIS details such as program disciplines, student type and experience levels being targeted. Attend a specific EIS by selecting the event and clicking “Register for this event”. If you registered for an EIS and can no longer attend, be sure to cancel your registration.

When are Employer Information Sessions held?

Employer Information Sessions are mainly held during the first two weeks of the term after classes begin, and throughout the first and second month of the term.

Why you should attend:

  • Learn about potential job opportunities and the work you would do in the fields targeting your academic program
  • Connect directly with potential employers to expand your professional network
  • Discover employers' workplace culture and gain insight into their hiring process
  • Learn from the experiences of past co-op students and alumni who work for the employers
  • Support informed decision-making and increase job fit and job match success

How to prepare for an Employer Information Session:

  1. Remember to wear business attire to all EIS, unless told otherwise.
  2. Don’t be afraid to participate! Whether the session is in person or virtual, raise your hand to ask a question. You can also submit questions in the chat or Q&A features.
  3. Check the Employer Information Sessions event page and employer’s job postings on WaterlooWorks, if available, and prepare some questions to ask the employer. Some sample questions below:
    1. What does a typical day look like at the company?
    2. What experiences or courses would you recommend that I look into if I’d like to pursue a specific role at the company?
    3. What’s your favourite experience so far working for the company?
    4. I saw that your team is working on this project, would this specific co-op role have the opportunity to contribute to that project?
    5. How would you describe the work culture at the company?