​GRADventure is a central hub of professional development resources designed specifically for graduate students at the University of Waterloo. It is offered by Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs, in collaboration with campus partners. 

Whether you are pursuing an academic or non-academic career, or you're still exploring your career options, we've got you covered.

GRADventure is a "one-stop shop," where you'll find relevant resources, special events listings, and details about upcoming workshops that were designed for you. We know that graduate students have unique needs when it comes to professional development; that's why GRADventure events and resources are open exclusively to graduate students (and usually postdocs).  

Explore our offerings, which are organized into three series — inquire, connect, and strategize — to focus on skills most important to your unique professional development needs. Or, jump right to our events, below, and join us for an event coming up soon. 

  1. Dec. 18 to 21, 2017Dissertation boot camp

    Dissertation boot camp is designed to help dissertation writers get a jump start on meeting their writing goals. Students come prepared to write between four to six hours each day.  

    The Dissertation Boot Camp program combines dedicated writing time, goal setting and writing strategy sessions, and one-on-one meetings with our writing specialists.

  2. Dec. 22, 2017Grad writing cafe (every Friday)

    Write together. Connect to our grad writing community to stay focused and motivated!

    We’ll provide free coffee, tea, and snacks. Just come and write!

    Additional information: No need to register. Bring your laptop. All grads welcome!

  3. Jan. 19, 2018Research matters: Getting Publishedstack of books

    This full day event will cover a wide variety of publication issues, including the following sessions: 

    • Introduction to the publication process
    • Authors' rights
    • Negotiating authorship with integrity
    • Ask an editor (panel discussion and Q&A)

    Additional Information: Registration required (opening January 3, 2018). Lunch will be provided.

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  1. Dec. 6, 2017Teaching my first class: Putting the Certificate of University Teaching into usestudents around a table

    Interacting with students and sharing a topic that you’re passionate about is a great academic and professional development experience. The Centre for Teaching Excellence’s Certificate in University Teaching (CUT) program gave me the skills and confidence to teach with great success, receiving excellent course evaluations at the end of semester.

  2. Nov. 8, 2017Experiencing GRADtalks through a kindred spirit’s eyesKaylen Pfisterer and Samantha Biglieri at the September 2017 GRADtalks event

    We are Kaylen Pfisterer and Samantha Biglieri, PhD students at the University of Waterloo. While we come from different disciplines – Systems Design Engineering and Planning – and are interested in different system boundaries – the food plate and the city – what brought us together is our passion and dedication to supporting health, aging and wellbeing through creative approaches.

  3. Oct. 24, 2017Learning personal effectiveness in grad school: Choosing to connect and practice mindfulnessstudent behind pile of books

    Last year, I started grad school. After taking four years away from academics, starting a Master’s program was a big transition. Between the mountain of readings, assignments, duties as a teaching assistant, and taking advantage of opportunities for professional development, I began to feel overwhelmed.

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