Thank you to everyone who managed to come out to our second annual Nanotechnology Graduate Career Night. The event was re schedueled due to a snow day and occured on the evening of Feb 21st 2019.

 Left to right: Jon Atkinson (WINGSS president -panel host), Milad Afshar    - Director of Advanced Materials & Biosensors , Myant Inc ,  Reza Chaji      - Co-founder & CEO, VueReal, Irene Goldthorpe -  Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo,  Peter Voss - President & CEO, Shimco, John Dutcher  - Professor of Physics and Director of Nanoscience, University of Guelph.

all panelists durin gthe panel


Many students came out to hear from our distinguished panelists from the area that hold positions in academia and in industry.

The panel disccussion was followed by refreshments and a company networking session. This gave an opportunity for students to talk directly with potential employers for positions after graduating from UW's prestigious Nanotechnology graduate degree program.

vuereal display with student

myant table displaypresident of Shimco Peter Voss discussions with students during receptionVuereal Founder and CEO Reza Chaji discussing with students during the networking session

To give feedback on the event, please email This will help make next year even better.