International Agreements advance Waterloo on the global stage

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The world map

The University of Waterloo has built a strong international profile, which is supported by over 200 international collaboration agreements with governments, universities, and other organizations located in more than 50 countries.

Waterloo International works with Faculties and academic support units as well as various partners worldwide to develop global talent through innovative teaching, learning and research, to deliver impactful research that is aligned with global challenges and promotes diversity on campus and beyond.

International Agreements, at Waterloo International, is a central resource that helps to enhance international presence by establishing formal partnership agreements with global institutions of excellence. Institutional-level international agreements are University-approved arrangements between educational institutions that facilitate student exchange, work integrated learning, joint academic programs, research collaborations, and other international opportunities.  

These agreements help Waterloo to stay abreast of academic trends and global innovations, to strengthen international experiences abroad and on Waterloo’s campuses and to enhance waterloo global impact and reputation. These formal arrangements facilitate a wide variety of activities, such as student, staff and faculty mobility, development of research connections, provision of training programs, and other international initiatives. 

Manager of International Agreements, Jennifer Morgan leads an experienced team, which assists Waterloo in developing and signing formal international agreements to support the various Faculties’ internationalization interests, as well as Waterloo’s Strategic Plan on Global Prominence and Internationalization.

“Our experienced team members utilize their international and contracts expertise to guide all stakeholders through the process of developing, implementing, and renewing agreements,” says Morgan. “We’ve recently increased capacity to facilitate the process of assessing and drafting international agreements, in turn, clearing up a back log and supporting new initiatives.”

“Waterloo International is pleased to support the University community to establish meaningful relationships with international institutions, which benefit thousands of students, faculty, and staff annually,” says Christine McWebb, Assistant Vice-President, International Operations.

The International Agreements team at Waterloo International looks forward to the continued collaboration with Faculties and academic support units to build meaningful formal relationships with international institutions, which offer a wide range of intercultural and international educational opportunities for students, staff and faculty.

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