Waterloo International and Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs engage with prospective international graduate students

Friday, May 28, 2021

caldo webinar Waterloo International (WI) recently collaborated with Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) to showcase the University of Waterloo’s academic and research strengths, including graduate studies opportunities, to prospective graduate students and other stakeholders, from Latin America and Egypt. Both academic support units (ASUs) have a long history of working together, for instance through developing cotutelle programs.

Invited by external partners, WI and GSPA recently delivered two informative and interactive webinars held on April 15 and 22, 2021. The first webinar, titled “University of Waterloo: Connecting Imagination with Impact,” part of a CALDO Universities of Excellence webinar series, attracted more than 125 scholars, funding agencies, and industry leaders from Latin America.

gspa webinar with Egyptian scholars

The second webinar was held in conjunction with the Egyptian Bureau of Cultural & Educational Affairs, in Montréal. More than 150 participants from Egypt engaged in the webinar about Waterloo’s breadth and depth of academic and research excellence, with particular emphasis on its graduate programming and graduate student experience.

During these webinars, Professor Ian Rowlands, associate vice-president, International presented Waterloo’s breadth of activities, including descriptions of its six Faculties and introductions to its Research Centres and Institutes. Rowlands also highlighted the wealth of Waterloo’s international connections—inbound, outbound, and sustained—with a particular emphasis upon the unique character of Waterloo’s links with Latin America and Egypt, respectively. 

“It was a privilege—and a pleasure—to connect with hundreds of potential Waterloo students and potential Waterloo partners across multiple continents.  I am excited by the prospects of meaningful international engagement arising from these webinars,” said Professor Rowlands.

Professor Jeff Casello, associate vice-president, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs shared information on the academic excellence, the interdisciplinarity and innovation of Waterloo’s graduate programs, the comprehensive professional development opportunities available, and the diverse campus community.  

“Waterloo’s graduate programs are globally recognized and sought after by students. These engagements were exceptional opportunities to connect directly with interested students, who are often supported in their studies by their home governments to study internationally. Of course, these partnerships also advance Waterloo’s goals of creating a diverse community of learners and researchers,“ Professor Casello said.

Both AVPs led dynamic and engaging discussions and responded to many questions from participants. The complementary international interests of the two units – WI’s broad perspectives on Waterloo’s activities, and GSPA’s focus on programmes of interest to prospective graduate students – flowed well in the integrated presentation.  As the University adapts to an increased level of engagement in the virtual world, both units are committed to building upon the successes of these webinars into the future.

Waterloo International welcomes cross-campus collaborations aimed at advancing the University of Waterloo’s strategic internationalization goals. If you have questions related to internationalization or need assistance, support, or more information, please contact us at Waterloo International.