Welcome to International Week 2020: Let's experience the world together

Monday, September 21, 2020

International Week 2020 Banner

Today is the first day of International Week 2020. International Week is a great opportunity to recognize and promote the value of international and intercultural experiences, collaboration abroad and the importance of internationalization on campus. 

At the University of Waterloo, International Week is one of the most colorful and exciting times on campus. Although only a few in-person events are taking place this year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, an exciting series of virtual programs, activities and events have been planned by a variety of campus partners.

Through engagement, collaborations, debates, discussions and an array of activities for students, staff, and faculty International Week celebrates the positive impact that internationalization can have on education. From September 21 to 27, International Week activities will provide students, staff and faculty with opportunities to learn about other cultures and experience different perspectives. Students, faculty and staff are invited to join the celebration by attending this and the numerous other events being held this week.

Waterloo values its strong international outlook, presence, and engagement. One of the signature events being run as part of International Week is the virtual Presidential Chat: Reflecting on 10 years of Bordeaux-Waterloo Partnership. This virtual webinar is an opportunity to hear experiences from the University of Waterloo and the University of Bordeaux Presidents as they discuss the important 10-year partnership between both institutions, as well as the benefits of internationalization of research and strengthening global cooperation.

Check out the International Week events page and participate in one or more of the 40 plus events. From social media contests for awesome prizes to a trivia night, virtual concert and Pow Wow, there’s an activity for everyone.

Please let us know how you’re celebrating by sharing your activities on social media using the hashtag #IW2020. Look out for further articles this week that highlight ways in which Waterloo supports internationalization activities.

Thank you for supporting International Week events. We at Waterloo International look forward to our continued work together to promote internationalization at our campus and abroad.

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