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The Library is redesigning its website to align with the University of Waterloo's new website look and feel and is developing the new site in the campus-wide Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) installation.

This website provides news and background information on the Library's website redesign project.

Project documents are being consolidated on the Web Redesign Sharepoint site and are available to all Library staff.

We encourage you to explore these sites and get involved with web redesign activities as opportunities arise. Feel free to contact the Library WCMS team at any time if you have questions or comments.

  1. July 17, 2015Website migration details

    First phase of launch is complete

    On Friday, July 17 we officially launched the new library website. You will notice a totally-redesigned home page that is mobile-friendly and includes an expanded "one search" feature. The new website's subpages are hosted on the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS).

    Full launch in August

    On Friday, August 14 we will begin redirecting most pages of the current website to the new website. Until then the two sites will operate in parallel.

  2. Apr. 10, 2015Library beta site open house April 6, 2015 notes

    There was a good turnout at the open house, and some great feedback. The Library web redesign team provided an update on these recent activities:

  3. Mar. 11, 2015Library website redesign presentation materials from March 10 open house

    Hello everyone,

    ‎Thanks to all of you who came to yesterday's session and offered comments on our redesign. 

    Many thanks too to Annie Bélanger for providing such an informative update, which included a report from Helena Calogeridis on the results of recent usability testing.

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