International criminal prosecution is seen by some as an essential tool to end impunity and reduce the extraordinary impact that war crimes and crimes against humanity have on civilians who are trapped in war.  Others criticize international prosecution as simply another form of Westerners attempting to impose their view of justice on a skeptical world while ignoring and silencing the voices of the victims and the communities from which they come.

Fundraising Dinner - Celebrating 40 years of PACS

In 1977, an academic concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies was formally launched at University of Waterloo.  It was the first undergraduate peace studies program at a Canadian university. That same year, the student-run Peace Society was created at Conrad Grebel University College.

Join us as we celebrate 40 years of peace education.

Before joining the Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (MPACS) program at Conrad Grebel University College, Alley McDonald had worked as a butcher, baker, and peace educator – meaning that she brought a multitude of talents to her studies. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Current Student Profile: Fariba Atkin

Prior to starting graduate studies at Grebel, Fariba Atkin had a successful career in Software Engineering, had immigrated to Canada, and had happily raised two children. “Career and family gave me a sense of achievement but not fulfillment,” she explained.


While a generation of changemakers and peacebuilders have set out to “Be the Change!” a thousand cautionary tales from the frontlines of social, economic, climate, and racial justice work suggest that deep ethical dilemmas don’t always have easily actionable answers.

When the pandemic first closed down workplaces in March 2020, Simon Guthrie, like so many others at the time, found himself struggling to make sense of the world around him. A student in Grebel’s Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (MPACS) program, he soon had the idea to take advantage of this unusual opportunity and conduct research on the impact of a global pandemic -- right in the middle of one.


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Alumnus Profile: Emily Charron

After Emily Charron completed her undergraduate degree in Global Studies, she found herself drawn to local issues. She went on to work for Compass Refugee Centre, a local non-profit organization that supports refugee claimants in the Waterloo Region. It was there that she was inspired to pursue graduate studies and soon learned of the Master of Peace and Conflict Studies program at Conrad Grebel University College.


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Alumnus Profile: Issa Ebombolo

Restorative Justice: A Path to Peace

Conflict usually brings pain and disorder, and often leads to further conflict but Restorative Justice paves a different path – a path that can lead to peace. Issa Ebombolo earned his Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (MPACS) degree from Conrad Grebel University College in 2017. Currently, Issa works for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Zambia and Malawi as a Peacebuilding Coordinator providing peace resourcing to local partners, including the government of Zambia.