Degree Requirements

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The Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (MPACS) is an interdisciplinary program that integrates scholarship with opportunities for practical experience. 

In order to graduate, you will need to complete 5.0 units: 2.5 units (5 courses) of core courses; a minimum of 1.0 unit of PACS electives; and up to 1.5 units of cross-listed electives offered with the cooperation of other departments at the University of Waterloo.


You must take 5 required core courses (or 2.5 units), which will introduce you to key themes related to systems of peace and governance, building civil society, conflict analysis, and conflict transformation and peace-building. 

Core courses  
PACS 601 Systems of Peace, Order and Good Governance
PACS 602 The Practice of Peace
PACS 603 Building Civil Society
PACS 604 Conflict Analysis
PACS 605 Conflict Transformation and Peace-Building


In addition to core courses, you must take at least an additional 1.0 units (or two regular 0.5-unit courses) of PACS electives. Elective courses address a range of topics such as leadership in crisis communication, multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnering and others listed below. You will also have the option to engage in individualized peace research or pursue applied studies (Internship and Conflict Resolution Skills workshop).

Elective courses  
PACS 610 Contemporary Nonviolent Movements
PACS 611 Reconciliation
PACS 612 Culture, Religion, and Peace-Building
PACS 620 Special Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 621 Peace Research
PACS 625 Internship (1.0 unit)
PACS 626 Conflict Resolution Skill Training (0.25 unit)

Additional PACS cross-listed electives:

Additional 1.5 units can be chosen from PACS 610-626 or from PACS cross-listed electives offered by cooperating departments at the University of Waterloo. These courses will allow students to explore complementary views of peace as taught through the lens of Global Governance (GGOV), International Development (INDEV), Political Science (PSCI) or Theological Studies (TS). 

The PACS cross-listed electives include:

Cross-listed electives  
PACS 630/GGOV 610/PSCI 688 Governance of Global Economy
PACS 631/GGOV 612/PSCI 612 Theories of Globalization
PACS 634/GGOV 630/PSCI 679 Security Ontology - Theory
PACS 650/INDEV 604 Sustainable Cities
PACS 651/INDEV 605 Economics for Sustainable Development
PACS 652/INDEV 608 Water and Security
PACS 672/TS 731 Christianity’s Encounter with Other Faiths

You may request permission from the PACS graduate advisor to enrol in elective courses in other University of Waterloo or Wilfrid Laurier University graduate courses that will complement their program of study. Permission must also be granted by the department or program in which the courses are offered.

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