As an MPACS student, you have been a part of the Grebel community in some capacity over the course of your degree. We have been blessed by your presence and want to seize this opportunity to celebrate your achievement with you! Conrad Grebel has traditionally held its own Convocation celebration for graduates. (This in no way replaces the University of Waterloo Convocation, where you will receive your official degree.) Grebel's Convocation event includes students from the MUSIC, CMW, PACS, MTS, MPACS, and residence programs who all come together and recognize their achievements.

Convocation 2021

Sunday, May 16, 2021, 2:00pm

What you need to do:

Apply to graduate on Quest: First, to graduate from Waterloo and obtain your degree, you must apply to graduate through Quest (deadline for Winter 2021 is April 30). More information about UWaterloo's convocation can be found on the graduate studies convocation page.

Fill out the Grebel Convocation form before March 8th if you are completing your studies in Fall 2020, Winter 2021, or Spring 2021, regardless of whether or not you plan to participate in Grebel's Convocation event. The information provided in the form moves you from the status of current student to Grebel alumna, complete with the perks of attending alumna events! On the form there is a space to indicate contact information for people you would like Grebel to invite to the (virtual) celebration.

Submit your video by March 31. See instructions on Grebel's video submission page.