Energy and Climate Research

Materials Interface Foundry Climate and Environment Research

Sustainable energy is one of the grand challenges globally because of the usage and depletion of fossil fuels. It is deeply linked with other problems in humankind, such as food, water, security, and the environment. As quoted by Richard Smalley (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1996) “If we could solve Earth’s energy problem, most other problems we face: food, water, security, and others would also be solved.”

solar panels and battery cell diagram and graphs

Energy materials are key for energy conversion and storage, which provides a vital route for sustainable energy from a variety of sources. To design energy materials with high efficiency, high selectivity, and stability for energy conversion and storage is yet to come. By using state-of-the-art synthesis, in situ multimodal characterization techniques, and machine learning, it is expected to design transformative energy materials for solar fuels and batteries.

Representative energy and climate publications:

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