Description of the Psychological Consultation Service

The Centre for Mental Health Research and Treatment (CMHRT) psychological consultation service is intended for clients or parents and caregivers of children or youth who have had a previous psychological assessment and who wish to better understand the implications of the assessment results for themselves or for their child.

How does the Psychological Consultation Service Work?

First, the client/parent/guardian provides the CMHRT clinician with a copy of all relevant previous psychological assessment reports and other pertinent information (such as psychiatric reports, academic assessments, etc.). The clinician reviews this information in order to translate the technical psychological testing information into accessible language. A basic handout is developed that summarizes the client’s learning strengths and challenges, based upon the available previous psychological assessment information.

Next, the assigned clinician meets with the client or client’s parent or caregiver (and case manager, or others as appropriate) to review the assessment information. The clinician uses knowledge of tests and test results, as well as knowledge of development, to interpret the implications of those results for current functioning. The client or parent/guardian (if a child or younger adolescent) contributes observations of current functioning and together the clinician and the family co-create an understanding of the implications of the assessment data for everyday life. Key strategies and recommendations are also discussed and shared. 

Lastly, the CMHRT clinician provides a consultation document to the client or parent/guardian that summarizes the client’s learning in accessible language. If the previous assessment results no longer appear to fit the client, an outcome of the consultation may include the recommendation for an updated psychological assessment.  

Accessing the Psychological Consultation Service

To begin our intake process, please complete our online intake form or call the Centre for Mental Health Research and Treatment at 519-888-4567 x33842 or send us an email at  Please mention that you are specifically requesting a consultation. The CMHRT Director, Dr. Marjory Phillips, will then contact you to discuss the request.