Doctoral training

Clinical Psycholgy students in classAccredited by the Canadian Psychological Association, our Ph.D. Programme in Clinical Psychology has maintained a stellar reputation over its 41-year history and we are privileged to attract the most outstanding undergraduates in Canada. As committed scientist-practitioners, the Clinical faculty provide students with thorough training in advanced research methods and statistics and in evidence-based clinical practice. Our experiential approach to learning cultivates students who are highly engaged, curious, and motivated.

Thanks to the support of federal and provincial funding, faculty and students conduct highly productive programs of research in a wide range of areas.

The Centre for Mental Health Research and Treatment (CMHRT) allows us to offer our students closely supervised clinical training in a well-appointed, in-house facility. Students’ clinical work is supervised not only by core faculty, but, thanks to our unique recording and video-on-demand system, by expert Psychologists from the community and from Centres of Excellence in Ontario.

The comprehensive training in clinical theory and practice our students receive, in combination with our emphasis on research excellence, ensures that our students move seamlessly into their professional careers in a variety of settings, including academia, mental health hospitals and research centres, industry, and community practice settings.

As part of our goal to make a national contribution to mental health in Canada, we are pleased to announce the establishment in 2013 of four full-time, paid, one-year pre-doctoral residency positions through the Waterloo Region Psychology Consortium, of which the CMHRT is a founding member. These positions meet an urgent national need and will attract outstanding senior Ph.D. students from across the country to complete their final year of clinical training with us and to participate in our active programs of research.

Details of the Doctoral training program.

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