This is an ongoing grant application. To allow adequate time for your application to be reviewed, please apply at least three months in advance of when you intend to use event grant funds.

If you are planning an event that highlights aging research, you may apply for a NAR Event Grant. Please choose one of the following options:

Note: Completion and submission of an Event Grant application does not guarantee funding. Funding is not confirmed until after NAR Advisory Committee approval.

Note: If funding is received, an event follow-up report must be completed no later than one month after the event.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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12. Please acknowledge that if NAR funding is approved, the following conditions will be met: (a) Your event will be listed on the NAR website. * (required)
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(d) You will provide a follow-up report no later than one month after the event * (required)
Include the amount requested from NAR (up to $1,500 maximum), and the total amount of funds required from all sources. Please specify if each sponsorship or donation is pending or confirmed. Please list estimates for each of the expenses associated with your event.