NAR grant recipients

Catalyst Grant

The following eleven faculty members were awarded catalyst grants in July 2018

  • Uzma Rehman (Psychology) Project title: "Barriers to Safer Sex Communication in Older Adults"
  • Jennifer Boger (Systems Design Engineering) & Laura Middleton (Kinesiology) Project title: "Virtual Reality Exergames to Improve Access to Strength and Range of Motion Exercise among People Living with Dementia"
  • Mark Oremus (School of Public Health & Health Systems) & Jane Law (School of Planning) Project title: "Social Support Availability and Cognitive Function in Middle- and Older-Aged Adults"
  • Susan Elliott (Geography and Environmental Management) & Rhona Hanning (School of Public Health and Health Systems) Project title: "Healthy aging for all: A case study in Uganda"
  • John Mielke (School of Public Health and Health Systems) Project title: "An exploration of how stress might help to set the foundation for Alzheimer's Disease"
  • Martine August (School of Planning) Project title: "The Financialization of Seniors' Housing in Canada: Impacts on Age-Friendly Communities"
  • Siby Samuel (Systems Design Engineering) Project title: "Investigating the Effects of Automation on Older Drivers' Visual Scanning Mechanisms"
  • Jonathan Kofman (Systems Design Engineering) Project title: "Mobility aid for prevention of freezing of gait episodes in older adults with Parkinson’s disease"

The following three faculty members were awarded catalyst grants in March 2018:

  • Randy Harris (English Language and Literature) Project title: "Phonological indicants of very early dementia"
  • Stewart McLachlin (Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering) & Clark Dickerson (Kinesiology) Project title: "Efficacy of a Smartwatch for Exercise Performance Evaluation during Conservative Management of Rotator Cuff Tears"

The following nine faculty members were awarded catalyst grants in June 2017:

  • Marina Mourtzakis (Kinesiology) Project title: "Identifying and characterizing poor muscle health in an aged population: exploring new uses for ultrasonography"
  • Suzanne Tyas (School of Public Health and Health Systems) & Colleen Maxwell (Pharmacy) Project title: "Predictors of cognitive state trajectories in longitudinal studies of aging"
  • Zoya Leonenko (Physics and Astrology; Biology) Project title: "The role of lipid membrane and melatonin protection in amyloid toxicity and Alzheimer's disease"
  • Thomas Willett (Systems Design Engineering) & Andrew Laing (Kinesiology) Project title: "Macro-and tissue-level investigation into the effects of age and disease on bone quality, bone collagen connectivity, fracture toughness and hip strength"
  • Peter Hall (Kinesiology/School of Public Health and Health Systems) Project title: "Examining effects of acute exercise on cortical resilience among older adults"
  • Chris Perlman (School of Public Health and Health Systems) Project title: "Alcohol use among Older Adults in Ontario: Individual and Community Factors Related to Problematic Use"
  • John Mielke (School of Public Health and Health Systems) Project title: "An exploration of the cellular mechanisms underlying stroke-related injury in the brain"

The following ten faculty members were awarded catalyst grants in January 2016:

  • Lora Giangregorio (Kinesiology) Project title: "Exploring weight and body image concerns in older adults and their contributions to
    weight management and fracture prevention"
  • Heather Keller (Kinesiology) Project title: "C.H.O.I.C.E- a relationship-centred mealtime training intervention for long-term care: Proof-of-concept study"
  • Andrew Liang (Kinesiology) Project title: "Dynamic balance recovery in older adults - Predictors of stability restoration after a simulated trip"
  • Mark Oremus (School of Pubic Health and Health Systems) Project title: "The effect of religious involvement on cognition in middle- to old-age adults: A life-course perspective"
  • Joe Quadrilatero (Kinesiology) Project title: "Autophagic mechanisms in exercise-mediated muscle health"
  • Ian McGregor (Psychology) Project title: "Curbing ageism: Prejudice mechanisms and anti-ageism intervention"
  • Todd Holyoak (Biology) Project title: "Regulating PEPCK activity as a novel approach to the design of new cancer therapeutics"
  • Zoya Leonenko (Physics and Astrology; Biology) Project title: "Development of novel inhibitor drug for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease"
  • Praveen P Nekkar Roa (Pharmacy) Project title: "Development of novel therapies for Alzheimer's disease"
  • Pascal Poupart (Computer Science) Project title: "Adaptive recognition and promotion of physical activity for older adults, including stroke survivors"

Emerging Scholar Mentorship Grant

The following eight faculty members were awarded seed grants in May 2015:

  • Michael Barnett-Cowan (Department of Kinesiology) - Project title "Temporal integration of multisensory events in later years"
  • Robin Duncan (Department of Kinesiology) - Project title "A new pathway for cardiolipin synthesis"
  • Chris Perlman (School of Public Health and Health Systems) - Project title "Exploring the use of spatial analysis for understanding health services utilization and access among older adults with mental health conditions"
  • Igor Grossmann (Department of Psychology) - Project title "Wise acculturation and aging: Role of thinking style and emotion regulation in attenuating post-immigration health decline among older adults"
  • James Tung (Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering) - Project title "Advanced mobility aid designs for the elderly: Building capacity for translational research"
  • Tammy Labreche (School of Optometry and Vision Science) - Project title "Rehabilitation post-stroke with visual midline shift syndrome"
  • Sherilyn Houle (School of Pharmacy) - Project title "The provision of home care by pharmacists: Current practice in Canada"
  • Colleen McMillan (School of Social Work) - Project title "Can the use of a Qi Gong Wellness & Exercise app be a protective factor against depression and frailty among older adults in the community?"