Event follow-up report

As outlined on the application for event funding, this form is to be returned to NAR within 30 days of the last day of the Event with all receipts and other supportive documentation. Please choose one of the following options:

Number of people that participated in the event:
Pplease include the following information: what took place at the event, benefits, success stories, contributing factors to the event goals.
If applicable, list the names of the co-sponsors and amount of funding received from each.
Provide a description of any media (i.e. newspapers, radio, television coverage) or promotional materials (i.e. webpage, social network, distribution of newsletters) provided for the Event – Please include documentation if available]:
Provide a detailed breakdown of the Funding as it was, in actuality, allocated to the Event. In addition, please email a photocopy of the original receipt for each item as proof that the transaction occurred as described.
I certify that I am authroized to act on behalf of the Recipient (Organization) listed above, and that the representations enclosed herein are true and factual to the best of my knowledge.