Jane Kuepfer

Schlegel Specialist in Spirituality and Aging

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(519) 885-0220 ext. 24232
Office:  CGUC 2124

Board member, Kindred Credit Union       2011 – present

B.A., University of Waterloo, 1992
Supervised Pastoral Education Unit, Kitchener Interfaith Pastoral Counselling Centre, 1994
M.Div., Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto, 1996
Jubilee Program in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction, Huron University College, 2010
Ph.D., Martin Luther University College, Wilfrid Laurier University, 2018

Research Areas:

Spirituality & Aging, spiritual care in residential care, spiritual resources, baby boomers

Courses Taught:

RS 391 – Aging & the Spiritual Life

TS 677 – Church & Ministry (Fall 2018)
TS 689 – Aging & the Spiritual Life



Jane Kuepfer is the Schlegel Specialist in Spirituality and Aging, a joint appointment by the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging and Conrad Grebel University College. She has extensive experience as a spiritual caregiver in long-term care homes and in the community, as a registered psychotherapist, a spiritual director, and an ordained Minister in the Mennonite Church and the United Church of Canada. Jane completed a doctorate in Human Relationships (Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy) at Martin Luther University College with a dissertation focus in the area of Spirituality and Aging.   As part of her role at the Schlegel-UW RIA, Jane coordinates an annual Spirituality and Aging Seminar, conducts research, and teaches graduate courses in Spirituality and Aging.

She enjoys the outdoors in all seasons, colourful quilts, fiddle music, riding tandem bicycle with her husband, and paying attention to people of all ages and stages of life, including their own young-adult children.

Selected Publications:



  • Kuepfer, J. (June 18, 2018). ‘God just isn’t finished with me yet’: Meaning, memory and mystery are part of the aging process. Canadian Mennonite, Vol. 22, No. 13, pp. 4-6.

Selected Activities:

Recent Presentations:
  • Kuepfer, J. (November 21, 2016). Spirituality and Aging. Lecture, University of Waterloo, HLTH 201 class.
  • Kuepfer, J. (November 25, 2016). Spiritual considerations as we age together. Christian Business Men’s fellowship, Tavistock ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (November 29, 2016). Mennonite faith perspective on death and dying. Lecture, Hospice of Waterloo Region, volunteer meeting.
  • Kuepfer, J. (January 12, 2017).Spiritual resources for aging. Presentation, Chartwell Westmount Retirement Residence, Kitchener, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (January 15 – February 26, 2017).Necessary conversations. Sunday Christian Education series, Wellesley Mennonite Church, Wellesley, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (January 21, 2017).Spiritual resources for dying (and living). Workshop, Pastors, chaplains and congregational leaders ‘Befriending Death’ day, Steinmann Mennonite Church, Baden, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (March 23, 2017).Spiritual wellness: research and resources. Presentation, Village of Winston Park, Kitchener, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (March 26, 2017).Spiritual Wellness. Presentation, Shantz Mennonite Church, Baden, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (May 11, 2017).Contributing to wellbeing in persons living with dementia. Nithview Community, New Hamburg, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. and Dwyer, M. (June 14, 2017). Exploring the spiritual needs of today and tomorrow. Schlegel Villages Innovation Summit, Kitchener, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (Sept 2, 2017).How do we think about ‘assessment’? Waterloo Wellington Chaplains Association, Kitchener, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (October 15, 2017). Jacob’s second half of life. Sermon. East Zorra Mennonite Church, Tavistock, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (October 15, 2017). Spirituality and aging. Christian Formation presentation. East Zorra Mennonite Church, Tavistock, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. and Penner, C. (October 19, 2017). Pastoral care in the context of MAID (Medical assistance in dying). Pastor’s forum. Conrad Grebel University College, Waterloo, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. and Penner, C. (February 6, 2018). Providing pastoral care to seniors: My experience. Pastoral Care Class. Conrad Grebel University College, Waterloo, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (February 15, 2018). Spirituality and Aging discussion. University Gates Residents Lunch. Research Institute for Aging, Waterloo, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (February 24, 2018). Understanding Spirituality and Aging. IPE Geriatrics Conference. Village of Winston Park, Kitchener, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (March 28, 2018). If I live to be 104. Three Minute Thesis. Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (April 11, 2018). Researching Spirituality? Wonder, Wit & Wisdom. Waterloo North Mennonite Church Seniors Connection, Waterloo, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (April 26, 2018). In their own words: Baby boomers envisioning late life spiritual resources. SPED (Spiritual Education & Discovery) talk. Canadian Association for Spiritual Care Annual Conference. Collingwood, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (April 24, 2018). Thinking about MAID from an Anabaptist perspective. Tri-County Mennonite Homes board, New Hamburg, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (May 4, 2018) All you need is love… and hope, and peace, and joy: Spiritual Resources for all ages. Poster. Schlegel Village/RIA Curiosity Fair, Waterloo, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (May 8, 2018). Aging Volunteers: Issues and Ideas. Workshop for MCC thrift store managers, Kitchener, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (June 6, 2018). Narratives of baby boomers: Envisioning late life spiritual resources. Presentation. Canadian Association for Spiritual Care Southwestern Ontario Networking Day. Guelph, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. (June 13, 2018).Befriending Death. Presentation. Fairview Parkwood Mennonite Home Annual Meeting. Cambridge, ON.
  • Kuepfer, J. & Luth, H. (June 14, 2018). Body, Mind & ??:  Addressing the missing dimension. Workshop. Schlegel Villages Innovation Summit, Kitchener, ON.

Fellowships and Awards:                           

  • Wallbridge Scholarship (New Testament)
  • Richard Davidson Memorial Scholarship (Public Worship)
  • Dr. Hugh Pritchard Memorial Scholarship (Preaching)
  • Charles Wesley Webb Scholarship (New Testament)

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