Symposium on Aging Research (SoAR)

SoAR Logo

"There's always something to learn, and interacting with students and experts in aging is quite productive." - Seniors Helping as Research Partners (SHARP) member 

Mission statement

With a focus on aging research, SoAR is a one day meeting for engaging with student research beyond disciplinary and professional boundaries, and across areas of expertise. SoAR encourages students from any discipline to present, dialogue, and learn about current research on processes, experiences, and systems related to aging. SoAR strives to welcome and engage older adults from the community, including those who are valued participants, to extend knowledge dissemination efforts and support the development of meaningful partnerships. The interdisciplinary SoAR is an opportunity for students, community and faculty members to network across disciplines and professions, initiate trans-departmental collaborations, and engage in integrative conversations on aging research.


Provide a forum for graduate students engaged in aging research to:

  1. Disseminate aging research to fellow students, faculty, research partners, and senior community members
  2. Establish opportunities for new inter-professional collaboration with students, faculty, and senior community members
  3. Promote and showcase aging research at the University of Waterloo

SoAR 2018 Recap

Thanks to all who attended SoAR 2018. Check out our SoAR 2018 Recap page for event details and student prize winners!

Past events

SoAR 2017 was held on Friday, May 5, 2017 at the University of Waterloo's Davis Centre. See proceedings from the day, including videos from select micro-oral presentations. 

SoAR 2016, the inaugural Symposium on Aging Research, was a great success. With representation from all Faculties at the University of Waterloo, 70 graduate students, 25 faculty members, and 10 older-adult community members came together to share research, perspectives, and wisdom on aging. See proceedings and select video archives from the symposium.