NAR Emerging Scholar Grant Study Issued Press Release

Thursday, February 18, 2016

michael-barnett-cowanCongratulations to Gillian Bedard and Michael Barnett-Cowan, whose recently published study has been issued a press release!

Michael Barnett-Cowan is a professor of neuroscience in the Department of Kinesiology here at the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences in the University of Waterloo. Conducting aging-focused research in his project titled "Temporal integration of multisensory events in later years", the research project was awarded with NAR's Emerging Scholar Grant this past May.

The study, Impaired timing of audiovisual events in the elderly, led by Gillian Bedard in Barnett-Cowan's lab, was published in Experimental Brain Research. In their study, they have found that seniors have a harder time distinguishing the order of events than younger adults. You can read more about it on UW's coverage of the press release.