University of Waterloo has recently announced additional financial incentives totaling $1.5 million to encourage the continued development of Canadian graduate research. The funds are available for both PhD and research Master’s students.

“The University of Waterloo continues to be a leader in graduate studies, attracting the best students in Canada. To facilitate success, the University recognizes the need for financial support to students,” said Jeff Casello, associate vice-president of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs. “On behalf of the University, I am thrilled to provide these additional incentives to bring the brightest minds to the University of Waterloo.”

This is a new initiative intended to support and promote transformative research in Canada. Waterloo is home to a wide array of exceptional graduate research, from examining the use of climate-economic models, to creating and implementing artificial intelligence, to imaging solutions for monitoring the health and well-being of our aging population. The University of Waterloo is eager to advance the well-being of Canada and Canadians by incenting new domestic researchers to join our dynamic community of scholars.

The full details on funding and eligibility can be found on Discover Graduate Studies.

Waterloo continues to be committed to the development of all of our students, domestic and international. There are a breadth of scholarships for international students, including the International Master’s and Doctoral Student Awards.