Waterloop prototype pod

A University of Waterloo student team that is building a high-speed pod to compete in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Challenge in California will share a major milestone with a video unveil event on campus event this week.

The Waterloop team will show a video that features the levitation system for their Hyperloop prototype that will compete at Elon Musk’s competition in January 2017. The team says the video will show the world’s first functional pneumatic hyperloop levitation system.

“Hyperloop is the future of ultra high-speed long distance transportation - and it's being built in our workbay in the Engineering 5 building,” said Yazan Obeidi, the Waterloop team lead. “Our team is committed to demonstrating the technological feasibility that will accelerate Hyperloop commercialization in Canada.

“It's more than just convenience, it's freedom. Powered by renewable energy, travelling at hypersonic speeds, and as accessible as the train,” added Obeidi.

Public is welcome to attend video unveil event

The public is welcome to attend the video unveil event that will take place in Federation Hall on Tuesday November 1 between 6 and 9 pm:

  • Social hour with booths from Waterloop sponsors and the local startup community at 6 pm
  • Welcome speech and keynote by Tim Jackson at 7 pm
  • Unveil of levitation system video at 7:45 pm
  • Introduction to levitation system by Waterloop team members between 8 - 9 pm

Tim Jackson is the president and CEO of the SHAD network, a non-profit organization that empowers exceptional high school students. He is also a Waterloo alumnus who served as vice-president for university relations at the University and more recently served as an executive vice-president at the MaRS Discovery District, a global innovation hub in Toronto.

“Our Levitation Unveil Event is going to be an exciting night. This is just one of many milestones on the way to our finished prototype that we’ll be completing before the finals of the competition,”  said Montgomery de Luna, architectural design lead  marketing lead for Waterloop. “We're looking forward to sharing this landmark moment with members of the Waterloo community.”