University of Waterloo alumni volunteers are a group of people with vast skill sets, incredible passion and innovative minds who work to grow and inspire the future of Waterloo.

In honour of National Volunteer Week 2023, we talked to a diverse group of alumni volunteers who lead, teach and connect with other alumni, current students and future students. Each of our featured volunteers has a unique approach to their philanthropy with Waterloo, see below!  

A former football player still supports the team 

Duncan PrangeThe experience that had the greatest impact on Duncan Prange (BA ’77) while at Waterloo was his involvement with the varsity football and wrestling teams. This is especially clear through his volunteerism now, as the founder and co-chair of the Football Alumni Committee. Duncan is committed to supporting the “building and molding the character and hearts of young [people] and teaching them to work and perform as a team.”  

The main goal for Duncan and the Waterloo Football Alumni Committee is to engage former players and help build a sustainable football program at Waterloo, while also building a new program to secure corporate sponsorships for Warrior Football.  


Passionate alum mobilizes peers to support future alumni  

Anne-Marie MaraisAnne-Marie Marais (BES ’95) is no stranger when it comes to being an involved alum. As the first Faculty of Environment class champion, she was the driving force behind organizing her cohort of alumni to establish the 1995 Class Fund (Planning Class of 1995 Entrance Scholarship), which supports future students studying in the Planning Department. Anne-Marie also keeps the class of 1995 connected by volunteering for speaking engagements, organizing class reunions, and consistently being a reliable campus news resource.  

Anne-Marie was also a Toronto Alumni Chapter co-lead and is now an invaluable leadership advisor, using her experience to support current chapter members. Most recently she has become an Alumni Council member.  

As Anne-Marie continues her time volunteering she would like to continue to build relationships with alumni but now also strives to work with students through mentorship, engagement and building student experiences that they will love, just as she did her own.  

Cooperative Education advocate welcomes current co-op students to NYC

Dilan Badshah (BASc ’17), a New York Alumni Chapter member, realized the benefits of his own experiences in the co-op program and is now passionate about building a Waterloo community for current students working in New York City.  

2023 Hong Kong Annual Alumni Chapter Dinner brings a community together  

The Hong Kong Alumni Chapter is a group of volunteers filled with passion and drive to further the development and innovation of Waterloo. In February 2023, they worked tirelessly to host their first annual alumni chapter dinner since the COVID-19 pandemic to reignite the active Waterloo community in Hong Kong. The chapter welcomed esteemed guests like President and Vice-Chancellor, Vivek Goel and Nobel laureate Donna Strickland, as well as local alumni and influential community members. Chapter members such as Michael Leung (BA ’07, MAcc ’07) fundraised and acquired sponsors to support an event of such magnitude.  

Hong Kong Chapter executives make a toast with alumni and Univesrity leaders at the 2023 dinner

The Hong Kong Chapter plays a vital role in building a stronger network in Asia. This is a role that is integral to reaching future students, growing Waterloo’s innovation, and allowing Waterloo to make a global contribution.  

The Toronto Alumni Chapter builds community through mentorship

Alumni volunteers Payal Raheja (BSc ’04) and Elizabeth Wong (BES ’11), along with their co-Alumni Chapter members, have worked to foster mentor and mentee connections through shared learning and to provide mentorship that eliminates barriers and builds lasting relationships. 

Math grad making math accessible and fun for high school-aged women

Sasha FaySasha Fay (BMath ’10) is a champion making space for women in the field of Mathematics, striving to be the role model for young women she wishes she had when she was younger. By volunteering with the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing’s program Think About Math! Sasha wants young people in grades 9 or 10 to feel that math is fun and engaging. In her volunteer role, she educates them on what their future might look like after studying mathematics. For Sasha, meeting other young women who want to learn and succeed inspires her.