On November 15, more than 100 people from Advancement and 27 other units across campus (including Alumni Council members) made 1,400 calls as part of the University of Waterloo's National Philanthropy Day thank-a-thon.  

Donors responded with appreciation — and sometimes surprise “I spoke to a donor who was thrilled to be thanked and not asked for money,” said one caller. Some calls even sparked new gifts.  

During these calls, alumni often spoke fondly of their time at UWaterloo and their commitment to giving back to the University. An optometrist spoke about his desire to support the Waterloo Eye Institute; even though he isn’t an alum himself, he wants to help future optometrists. Another donor shared how she intends to keep her scholarship going, even after she’s “no longer around.” 

These conversations are what National Philanthropy Day is all about. It’s not only a time for us to recognize donors, but also a chance to celebrate both their history with the University and the vision that drives their generosity. 

On behalf of the Office of Advancement, thanks to the callers who helped donors realize how much their gifts are appreciated. And thank you to our donors, who make UWaterloo a place to be proud of. Together, we’re building the future.