It is our responsibility as stewards of the gift of sight to be bold and innovative with our vision for the future

At the School of Optometry & Vision Science, our goals are to:

Prepare students and the profession for the highest scope of practice in North America, and expand access to vision care to patients across Canada.

Use our expertise in imaging to strike out in new directions, to discover techniques and treatments that will enhance the vision care we provide patients.

Embrace inter-professional education and collaborative practice with ophthalmology, family medicine, pharmacy, and other health professions.

Reimagine the patient pathway to ensure we are fully serving our patient needs from wellness to surgery, from ages 1 to 101.

We will achieve this through the creation of the Waterloo Eye Institute

The goal is to help advance the provision of vision care across the country by ensuring that optometrists are trained to the highest scope of practice in North America. This is complemented by inspiring and innovative research that looks to answer questions that will influence policy and health care delivery.

Our vision includes 

Investing in the future

To make this bold vision a reality, we need the support of our alumni, the profession and the community.

Facilities and equipment – create a clinical and research environment that inspires excellence in the delivery of vision care, learning and innovation.

Students – Support the leaders of tomorrow in optometric practice and research.

Innovation – boost research discovery to put us at the forefront of patient care.

This is a reimagined, expanded and rebranded version of our clinic renovation project. Our new vision will push the boundaries and will position the School as leaders for generations to come.

Please consider a gift to the Waterloo Eye Institute.


For more information, please contact:
Andrea Carthew
Associate Director, Advancement
School of Optometry & Vision Science