Are you bringing visitors to campus?

The university requires that all visitors provide proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test taken within the last 24 hour period.

On the day of the visit, visitors are also required to do a campus check-in. It is the responsibility of the person who invited them (or delegate) to ensure that they have completed these steps prior to arrival.

Graduate student resources

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Administrative contact
Graduate & Research Coordinator, OPT 301A:

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Graduate studies office

Graduate Student & Post-doctoral Affairs (GSPA)
Current Graduate Students home page
Graduate Studies Calendar
Registration & Enrolment
Calendar of events & Academic deadlines
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Vision Science resources

Supervisory process (PDF) - Roles & Responsibilities of the Student, Supervisor, Committee and Department
Vision Science Graduate Student Handbook (PDF)
External seminar attendance or presentation log (PDF)
Thesis Proposal Guidelines (PDF)

Scholarships/awards/financial aid

Program Requirements (PDF)
The Writing and Communication Centre - offers various workshops to assist with scholarly writing and speaking

Teaching Assistantship resources

The Centre for Teaching Excellence offers various resources and training courses for those looking to improve their teaching skills. Learn more at the Centre for Teaching Excellence website
Exam Procedures Manual for Academic Proctors (PDF)
CTE's TA Manual (PDF) - a handbook providing guidance and policies for TAs. 

Thesis and Degree Completion

Thesis regulations

Convocation, graduation


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Office of academic integrity

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