Are you bringing visitors to campus?

The university requires that all visitors provide proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test taken within the last 24 hour period.

On the day of the visit, visitors are also required to do a campus check-in. It is the responsibility of the person who invited them (or delegate) to ensure that they have completed these steps prior to arrival.

American Optometric Student Association

University of Waterloo students at the Varilux Student BowlThe American Optometric Student Association (AOSA) represents over 6,700 students attending the 25 schools and colleges of optometry throughout Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico. AOSA is committed to promoting the optometric profession, enhancing the education and welfare of optometry students, as well as enhancing the vision and ocular health of the public. AOSA hosts a Trade Show every year where you can interact and network with different members in the industry. As well, AOSA hosts the annual Quiz Bowl competition where classmates test their optometric knowledge. Every year, the winner of Quiz Bowl will represent the University of Waterloo in the Varilux Student Bowl at the American Optometric Association’s annual Optometry’s Meeting. AOSA also offers travel grants to students who are interested in going to this conference!

If you are interested in becoming an AOSA member, please email us or talk to one of uWaterloo AOSA execs.

Executive positions


Plans the annual Trade Show, organizes membership benefits and registration, manages travel grants, as well as represents UW at Optometry’s Meeting in June. Starts as Trustee-Elect.


Plans the annual Info Night in September and the uWaterloo Quiz Bowl. Also represents UW at Optometry’s Meeting, and shares many financial responsibilities with the Trustee. The Trustee-Elect will take over the Trustee position.  

Internal Director

Responsible for dealing with internal affairs, such as emails, organizing social media pages and events, and keeping meeting minutes.

External Director

Responsible for dealing with external affairs, such as touching base with pre-optometry clubs, communicating with other school clubs and associations, as well as making in-class announcements.