Residency FAQs

Frequently asked questions about residencies

What is required for successful completion of my residency?

To successfully complete this residency, you must complete all components of the program outlined, including patient care, laboratory teaching, attendance at required classes and workshops, all oral presentations, portfolio/reflection, patient log and article completion.

Approved leaves of absence for reasons such as sickness or compassionate reasons in excess of six days per year must be made up at the end of the program.

Certificates will be awarded at the School's Fall Awards ceremony.

Do I need to purchase liability insurance?

No. The University of Waterloo’s general liability insurance policy, including professional and malpractice liability insurance, provides coverage during your residency program, whether your education or training is conducted on or off the campus.

What salary and benefits will I receive?

Salary: $42,000 per year

Vacation and Sick Leave: You are entitled to 10 days of paid vacation plus statutory holidays, 10 days of leave to attend conferences and up to 6 days of sick leave.

Medical: You will be enrolled in the University of Waterloo's Extended Health Care Plan.  

Optometry License: The School will cover your licensing fee through the College of Optometrists of Ontario for one year, starting in the January of your residency. 

Why might my residency be terminated? 

Termination of your residency may be considered if you:

  1. function in a manner considered to be of potential danger to the well-being of patients, or
  2. perform patient care contrary to policies or procedures of the Clinic or workplace, or
  3. perform patient care contrary to regulations or standards of care of the regulating body of Optometry or the prevailing laws of the Province or of Canada, or
  4. fail to make adequate progress.

Should termination of your employment be deemed necessary, the School will follow Employment Standards Act guidelines. 

The process for Remediation and Dismissal is described in the Guide for Residents.