Vision Science is a competitive program. Having the minimum requirements will not guarantee acceptance. Before an offer of admission can be made, there must be a faculty member willing to act as supervisor and fund your studies. All completed applications are circulated to faculty members to find a supervisor conducting research in the area an applicant has indicated interest. Faculty members will consider an applicant's academic background, experience, interests and research potential when making an admission decision.

Masters of Science

The MSc program is open to graduates with at least a 75% standing in the last 2 years of a bachelor's degree from:

  1. An Optometry or Vision Science program; or,
  2. An honours BSc (or BEng) (or equivalent) in an area relevant to the proposed studies; or,
  3. An honors degree (or equivalent) in a health-related program; or,
  4. An honors degree (or equivalent) with additional training or experience in a relevant field.

Categories 2, 3, and 4 will be considered for admission on individual merit and will likely require a specific program designed to remedy deficiencies in the relevant Vision Sciences with appropriate core courses. A full list of admission requirements is located on the Graduate Studies website.


The PhD program is open to students holding an Masters degree (or equivalent) with a minimum overall average of 75% in an area relevant to the proposed program in Vision Science. A full list of admission requirements is located on the Graduate Studies website.

International degrees

Please check the international admissions guide to determine grade and degree equivalencies.

You may be required to provide English Language Proficiency test results with your application. To determine if you are exempt from providing ELP test results, read more on English language proficiency exemptions