Doctor of Optometry (OD) program mission statement

The mission of the OD program is to graduate competent, ethical Doctors of Optometry by providing them with a comprehensive and contemporary optometric education.

Goals and objectives

The OD program mission is supported by the following program goals and objectives:

Goal 1

The Doctor of Optometry program will provide high quality optometric education which will prepare graduates to provide full-scope optometric services in an ethical and professional manner.

Objectives (supporting goal 1)

  • Select candidates to enter the program, who are best equipped to complete the program successfully.
  • Educate students, through lectures, laboratories, seminars, workshops and clinical placements to provide competent, ethical, full-scope, optometric services.
  • Teach and encourage students by example to become caring practitioners, who are able to use a broad comprehensive biopsychosocial approach to the care of patients.
  • Prepare students to take the optometric qualifying examinations in Canada and in other jurisdictions with similar scopes of practice.

Goal 2

The Doctor of Optometry program will provide an optometric foundation on which graduates will continue to build expertise and knowledge.

Objectives (supporting goal 2)

  • Teach students to use a variety of resources during and after their optometric training to promote life-long learning.
  • Encourage students to take part in research activities, optometric conferences and organizations.
  • Provide students with the educational background required to pursue postgraduate studies.

Goal 3

The Doctor of Optometry program will prepare graduates to contribute to the advancement of the optometric profession.

Objectives (supporting goal 3)

  • Educate students on the history of the profession of optometry and instill an enthusiasm for the future of optometry.
  • Encourage students to develop an interest in leadership roles within the optometric profession and a concern for the highest quality of care given by the profession in Canada.
  • Teach students about the role of other healthcare providers and the importance of a holistic and co-operative approach to eye and vision care.