Alumni & Donor Spotlights

Alumni Spotlight: Manon Hapke (OD ‘91) & Jenna Braham (OD ‘23) 

Manon and Jenna stand together wearing their matching UW hoodies

When optometry runs in the family 

Kids can learn a lot from their parents, sometimes it’s even their career path. That is what Jenna Braham (OD ’23) learned from her mom Manon Hapke (OD ‘91), both of whom graduated from the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Waterloo.

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Dennis Ruskin

Dr. Dennis Ruskin

He was just six years old when Dennis Ruskin’s brother took him to see the movie Forbidden Planet. It was then that Dennis developed a fascination for science that would eventually lead him to the School of Optometry & Vision Science at the University of Waterloo.

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Josh Smith

Dr. Josh Smith

Occasionally, students find themselves far into their educational journey without a clear idea of what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Dr. Joshua Smith (OD ‘13) found himself in this position while in grad school at the University of Calgary. While aiming to complete his PhD, Josh realized 14 months in that he didn’t want to pursue a career in chemistry, and after completing his master’s in synthetic organometallic chemistry, decided to go back to his original plan, which was to pursue a health-care profession.

Alumni Spotlight: Drs Michelle Georgi and Scott Mundle

Scott Mundle and Michelle Georgi

Though they initially met and became friends in the Fall of 1979, it would not be until third year of their optometry program that Scott Mundle (OD ’83) would ask out Michelle Georgi (OD ’83). A decision neither regret as it developed into a partnership with a dedication to patient care, outreach, and volunteerism.

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Michael Kruezer

Dr. Michael Kruezer

Before joining the School of Optometry & Vision Science, Dr. Michael Kreuzer (OD ‘17) was not sure about the path he wanted to take in life with his academic journey and eventual career. Working several jobs, including being a clinical trial coordinator at the University of Alberta and roles within the Government of Alberta, Michael would come to develop experience and skills he thought would benefit in becoming an optometrist. This decision led him to enroll at the University of Waterloo to begin his future in a career in vision science.  

Alumni Spotlight: Class of 1991

A group of smiling alumni

We caught up with former classmates, Susan, “Sue” Beaton (OD 91’), Patricia, “Trish” Campbell (OD 91’) and Andrea Mierzynski (OD 91’) and asked them to reflect on their experience as Optometry students, and why they choose to work with us as class rep volunteers for the Seeing Beyond 2020 campaign.