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We often think about growth as an additive process, and it is. We take new roles to build new skills, learn new knowledge. But there's a crucial step that we forget -- letting go. In order to add, we need to make space.

Chris Wilson knows this process well. Over the last 10 years, he created a thriving career with many different roles. With each new step, Chris added new understanding for his work and purpose. He also let go of the things he no longer needed for that work, including a biochemistry degree. Chris joins the podcast to talk about each step in his career, his work in cultural design, and what happened with that degree.

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Show notes

(1:14) Putting his degree on hold

(3:10) What's it like to be a touring DJ?

(5:40) Why move on to the next career step?

(7:51) From DJ to cultural programmer

(11:11) The East London community has a lasting impact on Chris

(15:05) Grad school and studying human-centred design

(18:36) Chris hopes to support communities through his new business

(22:00) How can we encourage people to gather, share and learn?

(27:23) What happened to that biochemistry degree?

(31:42) The opportunity to reflect on his university experience

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