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It can be daunting to decide what schools you want to apply to and what you want to study when you’re only a teenager in high school. But it’s important to remember that what you choose to study doesn’t always dictate what type of career you’ll have.

And it didn’t for Ahmed Mezil (BASc ’14). He’s one of many alumi who have taken an unexpected career journey. How do you start in engineering at the University of Waterloo and end up becoming the CEO of the cleaning company Hellamaid? That’s what we’re going to find out.

Show notes

(2:12) Why Ahmed choose engineering at UWaterloo

(4:45) Ahmed’s co-op and a pivotal experience that made him rethink his career path

(9:50) What happened after graduation for Ahmed?

(16:22) How Ahmed discovered a new passion for teaching

(18:40) Ahmed shares how he started his business

(25:22) Are there any regrets with his career journey?

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