Brian Doucet - School of Planning
Brian Doucet is an associate professor in the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Environment. He researches gentrification, neighbourhood change, urban inequalities and flagship developments. His work also examines grassroots movements and urban resistance in North America and Europe.
“The plan to reduce the number of lanes from six to four, while expanding the sidewalks and adding cycling infrastructure would transform this stretch of Yonge into a truly urban street. There are far too few of these great urban spaces located in the outer regions of Toronto, where decades of planning have been oriented towards the car.

Reimagining Yonge as a space for people has the potential to be truly transformational and help create more sustainable and vibrant places in a city where this type of environment has largely been confined to the urban core. The Transform Yonge plan would send a powerful signal that the city is building the type of places that more and more of its residents actually want." 

- Brain Doucet

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