Five of those also received funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) as part of the same announcement.

The following Canada Research Chairs from the University of Waterloo were included in today's announcement:

Clark Dickerson (Applied Health Sciences), Canada Research Chair in Shoulder Mechanics — new Tier 2

Roxane Itier (Arts), Canada Research Chair in Cognitive and Social Neuroscience of Face Perception — Tier 2 renewal

Zhongwei Chen (Engineering), Canada Research Chair in Advanced Materials for Clean Energy — new Tier 2

Lukasz Golab (cross-appointed Mathematics and Engineering), Canada Research Chair in Data Analytics for Sustainability — new Tier 2

Maria Strack (Environment), Canada Research Chair in Ecosystem and Climate — new Tier 2

Derek Schipper (Science), Canada Research Chair in Organic Material Synthesis — new Tier 2

David Blowes (Science), Canada Research Chair in Groundwater Remediation — Tier 1 renewal

Alberto (Germán) Sciaini (Science), Canada Research Chair in Atomically Resolved Dynamics and Ultrafast High-Resolution Imaging — new Tier 2

The Tier 1 Canada Research Chair is for $200,000 per year for seven years. Tier 2 is for $100,000 per year for five years. 

Five of the Waterloo researchers are also receiving John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) awards from CFI to help cover infrastructure costs to enable cutting-edge research.  Those researchers, their projects and funding included in today's announcement are:

Zhongwei Chen — Advanced Chemical Vapour Deposition System for Nanostructured Energy Materials Development: $75,000

Roxane Itier — Portable Eye Tracking-EEG System:  $50,000

Derek Schipper — Equipment for Organic Materials Synthesis, Purification and Characterization: $125,000

Alberto (Germán) Sciaini — Ultrafast Electron Sources for Atomically-Resolved Dynamics and High-Resolution Imaging: $375,000

Maria Strack — Gas Chromatograph and Ultraportable Sensor for Determination of Peatland Greenhouse Gas Exchange: $59,936

More information on the JELF awards is available on the CFI website.

More information on the Canada Research Chairs program is available on its website.

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