As the world focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic, three Waterloo departments are teaming up to ensure another crisis isn’t forgotten — climate change. 

Concept, the Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3) and The Problem Lab are introducing The Climate Innovation Discovery Stream, an initiative that introduces students to climate-related issues and empowers them to undertake focused research toward real solutions. This hopes to build on the impressive amount of climate change research already underway at Waterloo and increase student involvement in these fields.  


“If research and creating real solutions to global and environmental healings is your niche, then this program is for you,” says Adrien Côté, executive director of Velocity. “This semester, Waterloo will be bringing its attention back to the concern of climate change by focusing our research skills and innovative abilities to find new ways to help in the fight against climate change.” 

The three-week program focuses on connecting interdisciplinary teams with UWaterloo researchers and industry experts. Teams will extensively research their specific problem spaces covering a variety of topics including artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, adapting to increasingly common severe weather events, carbon neutrality efforts and health implications of our changing climate 
“To join, no past experience or background knowledge in the area of climate change is needed — in fact, coming into this with a fresh sense of reasoning will be pivotal in discovering answers for these issues,” says Nick Di Benedetto, Marketing and Communications Lead at Concept. “What’s important is that we’re solving this using an interdisciplinary approach, where all industries and backgrounds can help tackle this global crisis.” 

This stream is open to all students and postdoctoral fellows at the University of Waterloo. You can join as an individual, or request to work with specific people and choose your area of focus from the below problem statements:

  • Understanding how our climate is changing
  • Solving for Carbon
  • Adapting to Thrive
  • Protecting our Health

Picture of Angela Carter

> Angela Carter
> IC3 member & Professor 

“While they certainly didn’t cause the problem, students will bear the greatest burden for the climate crisis. The warming of our planet will define their futures. So, it’s critically important that students learn about the crisis and its political, economic, and social fallout” says Angela Carter, IC3 member and professor in the Department of Political Science & Balsillie School of International Affairs. “But even more important, it’s essential that students get a chance to explore what they can do, as individuals but even more so by working together, to create and demand the change we need. The University of Waterloo is an ideal home for that kind of learning, exploration, and change-making.”  

To become a climate change leader and find ways to make an impactful difference, join the Climate Innovation Discovery Stream. This will help you explore and learn more about global climate issues, and start working on potential innovative solutions. Opt-in online and be a change maker.