During a six-month space mission, an astronaut’s cardiovascular system can age by up to 10 or 20 years. Professor Richard Hughson is working with astronauts aboard the International Space Station to better understand why.

Richard Hughson conducting research with Chris Hadfield

University of Waterloo professor Richard Hughson conducting research with Chris Hadfield. Photo credit: Derrick Piontek

In a follow up study to his work with retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, Hughson and head technician Danielle Greaves will use remote guidance ultrasound to have the astronauts track changes in their heart and blood vessels while in space, then monitor their recovery upon returning home. The findings will help identify important indicators for chronic disease and assist with the development of early interventions for people on Earth.

European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake describes the next stage of this research in a new video from the International Space Station, recently released by the Canadian Space Agency.


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