In partnership with the Royal Society of Canada, the University of Waterloo is hosting the Celebration of Excellence and Engagement (#COEE2023) from November 15 to 18 in Waterloo.

The University will be welcoming 200 researchers from across Canada to discuss the future of health, well-being and equitable care.

The four-day event will include interactive tours of RoboHub, Velocity and GreenHouse, RSC’s annual meeting and gala, and a full-day research symposium on the application of technology to solve global health problems. The symposium will include opening remarks from Dr. Vivek Goel, president and vice-chancellor of Waterloo along with panelists and speakers who are redesigning health solutions to improve care and well-being by 2030. Some of these Waterloo experts include:

  • Dr. Anita Layton, Canada 150 Research Chair of Mathematical Biology and Medicine

  • Dr. Kerstin Dautenhahn, Canada 150 Research Chair in Intelligent Robotics 

  • Dr. Stan Woo, Director of Waterloo’s School of Optometry and Vision Science 

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Transformative research, experiential education and entrepreneurship are the foundations for addressing complex health challenges and are also the cornerstones that the University was founded upon. Waterloo is proud to host RSC academics from across Canada to work together towards new approaches to research and scholarship and to the creation of new ideas and collaborative solutions for our future.

Hear more about Dautenhahn’s work in social and rehabilitation robotics

Dr. Kerstin Dautenhahn

Listen to On Wisdom, a podcast hosted by Igor Grossmann, professor in the Faculty of Arts and Charles Cassidy, director of the Evidence-Based Wisdom project, where they interview Dautenhahn on the potential role such robots can play in supporting therapeutic treatments.

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