In many cases, instructors will automatically have appropriate access to the system. To see what access you have, go to the front page:

You may need to log in with your WatIAM userid and password (same as your Quest userid and password) if you are not already logged in.

Once logged in, you should see a section called “Offerings” right at the top. This shows all the recent, current, and future term course offerings for which you are authorized in the system. Note however that this section will not appear at all if there would be nothing on the list. To work with a course offering (for example, create or view information about a midterm), click on its entry in the “Offerings” list. Note: You need to be on Quest for this, which may not be the case sometimes until classes begin (especially if you are new on Workday).

There are two main types of access which are relevant for most course staff: “Instructor” access and “Instructional Support Coordinator” access. Both allow you to see everything, while the second also allows you to set up examinations and make changes. Instructors are automatically authorized using Quest data. An offering with a single instructor will also have that instructor automatically authorized as “Instructional Support Coordinator” unless there is a manually-assigned “Instructional Support Coordinator”.

If you do not see courses listed which you think should be listed, please email

For more detailed information on roles and how they are assigned, see Admin Units and Roles.