Accommodation processing allows staff in support units (AAS, RO Relief, or CEL Finals) to move examination candidates to separate sittings based on an uploaded file.

This page summarize the process for submitting an accommodation request to the Examination Management System. An accommodation request consists of a single collection of uploaded data relating to as many candidates as needed and is processed all at once. Optionally, the request may override the time at which each candidate should begin and the admin unit with which each candidate should write.

Please note that this page cannot cover every conceivable eventuality that might arise when using accommodation requests. The instructions below should not be followed without the operator watching carefully to make sure that everything seems to be working the way it should.

To access the accommodation processing screens, start from the main page for the admin unit providing the accommodation. From there:

  1. Click on the “Accommodation…” link.
  2. Click on the appropriate “Set” link based on the date range of the examinations the accommodation request is to cover.
  3. Paste the appropriate columns from the spreadsheet into the “Upload new request:” box.
  4. Click the “Create Request!” button.

At this point the screen should show a page with two sections. The first section, “Parsed Contents”, shows the accommodation request as the system understands it. The first few columns are obtained from the uploaded request data. The remaining columns are derived by looking up the supplied information in the database. There is also a column with checkboxes allowing individual rows to be skipped when the request is fulfilled.

The second section, “Raw Table Contents”, shows what was uploaded with minimal processing applied — all that is done is break up the input into lines and columns.

In the first section, “Parsed Contents”, each row may be associated with error messages. These are broken down into messages that can be automatically skipped and others which cannot be automatically skipped. Any row with errors, all of which can be automatically skipped, will be marked for skipping and will have a grey background.

At the bottom of the table there will be a button for updating the set of skipped rows to match the checkboxes. If there are no unskipped rows with errors, there will also be a button to fulfill the request.

Once all errors have been resolved, click the button to fulfill the request. If this works properly, the page will change to indicate that the request has been fulfilled. At this point, the candidates have been moved to their new sittings according to the accommodation request.