The TA management system allows maintaining the TA assignments for courses and communicating them to relevant course staff. “TA” stands for “Teaching Assistant” but in the context of this system also means Instructional Assistants (IAs), Markers, Course Developers, and any other position managed through this system.


For graduate students, the system just provides a way to see the TA jobs assigned to you. On the main front page of the system you should see a section at the top called “Your TA Assignments”. This will display a table showing your recent and upcoming TA assignments.

Course Staff

For course staff, the system just provides a way to see the TAs assigned to their courses. Linked from the main page for each offering, at the bottom of the “Personnel” page, there will be a “TA Support” section, assuming that TA support is planned for the offering. This will list all the individuals assigned to that offering through the TA management system.

Please note that at present, TAs do not count as “Personnel” and do not have any privileges assigned as a result of being TAs.

TA Managers

For TA managers, the system allows you to record the planned TA jobs and the number of TA units planned to be assigned to them. Similarly, you can record which students are expected to receive TA units and how many units. You can assign students to TA jobs and the system will keep track of which students and jobs do not match the plan.

You can also set the TA assignment posting dates for each term. The “Tentative” date is when TA assignments will become visible to TAs and course personnel. However, they will be marked as Tentative, indicating that they may still change without warning or notice. The “Final” date is when TA assignments are expected to be finished. You may still change them after this date but those affected must be specifically notified.